Stilazzi x Jordan Liberty DARKROOM Eyeshadow Palette

Jordan Liberty has teamed up with LA-based indie brand Stilazzi to create his “holy grail” pro eyeshadow palette. Jordan’s international career as a makeup artist and beauty photographer has set his work apart from the crowd, and DARKROOM is a celebration of the colors and textures that have captured his imagination across the globe on his world tour in 2018 and 2019. An homage to his early roots in the photographer’s darkroom, Jordan explores the importance of light manipulation to both makeup artist and photographer with 18 thoughtfully crafted eyeshadows — inspired by his work as a pro but accessible to any makeup lover.

DARKROOM is available now at



DARKROOM features Stilazzi’s signature slim packaging and large pans to maximize functionality. The left 9 shades of the palette lean cool and the right 9 shades lean warm, with a mix of 3 finishes to create an endless range of engaging makeup looks. “Solar, Double Tap, Poolside, DTLA, Asphalt, Dark Horse,” and “Elysium” are Jordan’s signature “must-have” matte neutrals, plus “Fathom,” a rich teal-black that enhances every eye color. “Santa Cruz, Moonwalk, Bondi, Infrared, Riviera, Drop Top,” and “Legend” are neutral-toned intense metallics that look gorgeous with a single swipe. “Barocco, Genesis,” and “Supernova” are topper shades, a sheer shift formula that can be layered over other shadows or gel liner to create brilliant duochromatic results.



Jordan Liberty’s career is defined by his trendsetting campaigns for major cosmetic and skincare brands. His artistry has informed the landscape of the beauty industry, often breaking binaries and expanding the limitations of conventional beauty ideals. When designing DARKROOM, his first color product, Jordan wanted to create his own ideal palette for fall 2019.

In addition to designing the shadows and the packaging for DARKROOM, the wardrobe, set design, still photography, makeup, video editing and animation, and sound design were all conceived and executed by Jordan, making this a truly unique campaign that demonstrates his multifaceted skillsets.

“Bringing this palette to life was a dream because I rarely get opportunities to shine in so many areas of a project. I wanted to create something show-stopping and memorable — something so different from what’s happening in the main stream but still relevant and on trend. We scroll our feeds and everything starts to blur together and as a creative, that’s my worst nightmare.” - Jordan Liberty

The campaign itself is broken into 18 looks featuring 12 models of different ages, ethnicities, and gender. The entire library of looks can be viewed on Jordan’s Instagram account (linked below).

DARKROOM is available now at



  • Riviera: Metallic Teal with Subtle Gold Micro-Glitter

  • Santa Cruz: Metallic Olive

  • Moonwalk: Metallic Rose-Toned Gunmetal

  • Solar: Matte Pale Peachy-Pink

  • Bondi: Metallic Peachy-Gold

  • Barocco: Sheer Metallic Antique Gold/Bronze Shift

  • Genesis: Metallic Deep Cobalt Shift with Teal and Violet Micro-Glitter

  • Supernova: Sheer Metallic Baby Pink/Lilac Shift with Teal and Violet Micro-Glitter

  • Double Tap: Matte Dusty Mauve

  • Poolside: Matte True Peach

  • DTLA: Matte Burnt Sienna

  • Drop Top: Metallic Rust Red

  • Fathom: Matte Deepest Teal

  • Asphalt: Matte True Black

  • Dark Horse: Matte Dark Chocolate

  • Legend: Metallic Muted Bronze

  • Elysium: Matte Orangish-Brown

  • Infrared: Metallic Muted Red with Subtle Gold Micro-Glitter